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A Complex Case of Peripheral Artery Disease At USA Vascular Centers

PAD patient story. Argio is a patient that we treated that had a complex case of PAD.

A Complex Case of Peripheral Artery Disease At USA Vascular Centers

Each case of PAD is unique in its own way. Our vascular specialists use a customized treatment approach depending on the age, health condition and medical history of the patient. Argio’s story is one of those inspiring acts of patient care & treatment that happens everyday at USA Vascular Centers. Here is one PAD patient story.

Argio came to USA Vascular Centers for treatment of a severe case of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD); a condition that affected her mobility and caused chronic ulcers on both her legs. She received treatment from Dr. Sachdev, one of our highly trained Vascular Specialists. We interviewed Argio in the waiting room as her daughter filled out her medical forms and one of our nurses explained the whole treatment process.

Then the nurses took Argio into the preparation room where they prepared her for the procedure. The procedure performed on Argio at USA Vascular Centers is called Atherectomy; a non-surgical and ultrasound-guided procedure to treat the artery causing problems. Argio was the perfect candidate for Atherectomy because she had a plaque buildup in one of her right arteries. This led to poor blood circulation in her right leg.

The clock was ticking and the procedure time was coming closer. Dr Sachdev and his team were ready to move to the procedure room. Argio was under “Twilight Anesthesia,” a technique where doctors use a mild sedative. Argio was resting and the nurses comforted her.

The Procedure

Argio was soon sleeping and breathing on her own. The nurses then moved her to the surgery room where they used an x-ray to take photos of her blood vessels. One of the nurses was beside Argio the entire time to make sure she was comfortable. After a few minutes, the doctor located the affected artery and started the procedure. The doctor made sure to display her ultrasounds and explain what she was seeing. The whole procedure took two hours, after which she moved to the recovery room, where she would stay for another two hours.

Argio woke up as the anesthesia wore off and smiled for a picture with Dr. Sachdev. It was amazing to see her walking out of the recovery room just after her procedure—she was happy and said she felt great.

After her initial treatment, she appeared for a follow up appointment to check her progress. Only a month had passed since her procedure and she was feeling 100% better and reported no reoccurring varicose or spider veins. Argio plans to get treatment for her left leg with us in the next few months.

Argio’s story is one example of many that represent how we treat our patients: with respect, care, and compassion. At USA Vascular Centers, we are dedicated to providing top-quality treatment for PAD. Every PAD patient story is different. We hope that Argio’s story can be a valuable resource to others who may be suffering from PAD symptoms. If you think you have PAD, reach out to us to learn more about what steps you can take to get a healthier life.

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*Results of each treatment vary. Results not guaranteed.

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