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Former Football Coach Shares His Story to Raise Awareness About PAD

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John Earl Madden is a former American football coach and broadcaster for the National Football League. He is the well known former NFL football, head coach who led the Oakland Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XI, has authored several best-selling books, and has received 13 Emmy Awards over 21 seasons as a popular TV sports broadcaster. John Madden made an announcement about a health condition, his wife, Virginia developed in her mid 40s. A California based vascular specialist identified the problem,- a blocked carotid artery , the main blood vessel that leads through the neck to the brain- a condition that can be deadly if not treated.

“We learned her condition was a vascular disease and that this disease is a silent killer.”John Madden.

“Virginia’s condition opened our eyes to vascular diseases, a world of serious medical conditions affecting arteries and veins. Like us, very few people are familiar with vascular diseases. People who have heard about heart attacks, but they may not know what causes them, even though a heart attack is usually the result of a problem with an artery. And people have heard about strokes, which are often called “brain attacks” because they affect the brain the way heart attacks affect the heart-through a problem or blockage in the artery. There again, people may not connect “stroke” to vascular disease, but they’re one and the same.”

Vascular diseases are life-threatening and can affect anyone at anytime. There are certain lifestyle factors which may increase the risk but sometimes Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) may be inherited. History of vascular diseases can also contribute to the risk.

The Maddens are trying to do what they can to help people learn  more about vascular diseases.  “I think it’s more like preparing a team for any upcoming game or challenge-the more you know about your potential opponent, the better prepared you are and the greater likelihood you’ll be successful.” Says John Madden

At USA Vascular Centers we offer a highly effective, minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment for PAD performed as an outpatient procedure, If you are suffering from the symptoms of PAD such as: pain in the legs while walking which stops at rest, leg swelling, cooler temperature in one of the legs, poor nail growth don’t wait! If left untreated these symptoms can lead to a heart stroke or limb amputation if the blood supply to a limb is blocked.

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