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Peripheral Artery Disease Isn’t Just a Sign of Aging

Peripheral Artery Disease Isn't Just A Sign Of Aging

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately 8.5 million people in the United States have PAD, including 12-20% of individuals older than age 60. Unfortunately general population awareness of PAD in the US is estimated at 25%.

The classic symptom of PAD is pain in the legs with exertion such as walking which is relieved by resting. Some other signs of PAD are; numbness, weakness or heaviness in the muscles, loss of hair on the legs, poor nail growth, cooling of one of the legs. Many people consider the signs of PAD as a natural part of aging, without considering if theses symptoms are left untreated they can lead to serious complications. If the blood supply to a limb is blocked the patient can go through limb amputation (removal of the affected limb) or even a heart attack.

At USA Vascular Centers we offer highly effective yet minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments for PAD; stent angioplasty. This treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and the patient can resume normal activities the same day after the treatment and don’t need to take days off from work. All our treatments are covered by most insurance plans.

This is how your life can improve after a PAD treatment;

  1. Improved Mobility: One of the biggest challenges of living life with PAD is mobility. After a stent angioplasty procedure majority of patients feel improvement in their mobility. Regular exercise and walk become easier without leg pain and swelling as well.
  2. Healthier You: If the symptoms of PAD are left untreated they can lead to serious complications. Timely treatment of PAD can protect you from the risk of several other serious complications; leading to a healthier life.
  3. Enjoy Life: A life without PAD can lead to a more positive outlook on life enabling you to spend more time with your family as well as an improved work performance.
  4. Better Sleep: A good night’s sleep is essential for good health. Advance symptoms of PAD can sometimes disrupt sleep due to leg pain. After a PAD treatment at USA Vascular Centers most patients experience a better quality of uninterrupted sleep.

Today is the first day of the week. It is time to start planning for a healthier and more successful weak ahead. If you are experiencing the symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) call (888) 628 9389 to schedule a consultation with one of our vascular specialists at USA Vascular Centers.

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