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Peripheral Artery Vascular Treatment in Richardson, TX

Aging comes with a host of aches and pains, which might make it easy for you to dismiss cramping in your legs whenever you try to climb the stairs or go for a walk. However, leg pain while exercising that stops when you’re at rest is a common symptom of peripheral artery disease or PAD. The arteries leading to the legs and feet are narrowed due to plaque buildup in this condition. 

PAD has several risk factors, too. If you smoke, have high cholesterol, live with diabetes, or are obese, your risk of PAD is heightened. Acting quickly to treat PAD can reduce unpleasant symptoms and lessen your risk of PAD complications, which can include heart attack, stroke, and even amputation. If you notice leg pain during exercise or any other PAD symptoms, especially if you have one or more risk factors, visit the USA Vascular Center’s Richardson, TX location. 

Our board-certified vascular doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating PAD. They perform minimally invasive treatments that can lower your risk of suffering the effects of severe PAD.

Minimally Invasive PAD Treatments in Richardson

Our Richardson, TX location is a state-of-the-art outpatient facility certified by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care). This accreditation means that our physicians work hard to provide the highest standards of patient care. In addition, our AAAHC accreditation qualifies us for Medicare and Medicaid.

When you meet with one of our renowned vascular doctors, they will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your situation. Our doctors offer three minimally invasive procedures to treat PAD: angioplasty, stent placement, and atherectomy. These treatments take just 30 to 45 minutes to complete and do not require stitches or general anesthesia. Recovery time is short, meaning you’ll be able to return to your everyday activities sooner.

Looking for a PAD Treatment Specialist in Richardson?

We’re proud to have the most highly qualified, accomplished vascular doctors to staff our center in Richardson, TX.

How to Get to Our USA Vascular Location in Richardson

You’ll find our Valley Village PAD treatment center at 930 E. Campbell Rd., Ste. 106 Richardson, TX 75081.

Nearby Areas We Serve:

  • Dallas
  • Garland
  • Lewisville
  • Frisco
  • Plano

PAD Treatment Near Dallas: Dallas is just 17 miles away. Take US-75 North and you’ll be here in about 20 minutes.

PAD Treatment Near Garland: Our center is about 16 minutes from Garland. Take North Garland Avenue, North Jupiter Road, and East Campbell Road for 8 miles.

PAD Treatment Near Lewisville: When you’re coming from Lewisville, we’re a 22-mile drive along I-35 East and I-635 East. You’ll be here in about 25 minutes.

PAD Treatment Near Frisco: We’re about a 24-mile drive from Frisco. Take the Dallas North Tollway South, and you’ll be here in about 27 minutes.

PAD Treatment Near Plano: Our center is only 3.6 miles away from Plano, TX. A short drive along K Avenue and North Plano Road for 9 minutes will get you to our center. 

Book Your Vascular Treatment in Richardson

Instead of worrying on your own about potentially having PAD, bring your concerns to our Richardson, TX center and get the care you need. It’s easy to schedule your appointment online or call us at (323) 686-3045. Our vascular doctors in Richardson, TX are here to help treat your PAD symptoms and get back to doing the things you love.

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USA Vascular Centers
930 E. Campbell Rd.
Ste. 106
Richardson, TX 75081



What a wonderful experience! The staff was courteous and friendly, and the medical staff were very thorough, kind, and made sure I was satisfied with the results. The procedure was a breeze. I am beyond impressed. Highly recommend!

Vanessa H

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