Dr. Jeffrey Geschwind, M.D.


Jean-Francois “Jeff” Geschwind M.D. has more than 20 years of clinical, research and academic experience as an interventional radiologist providing minimally invasive treatments for vascular, vein diseases, uterine fibroids and cancer. He currently serves as the Director of USA Oncology Clinics and is recognized internationally as an expert in liver cancer. 

He served as a principal investigator in over 45 clinical trials during his tenures at Johns Hopkins Hospital and as Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, Yale University School of Medicine. There he focused on new imaging technology, device development, drug delivery platform, combination therapy of systemic drug and loco-regional intervention, and translational studies from bench to clinic. Through his work on many investigational products, he has also accumulated a vast amount of experience interacting with the FDA. 

Dr. Geschwind has published over 300 scientific articles, three books and received numerous awards for improving therapies for patients with cancer, in particular chemoembolization and radioembolization. 

He is recognized as a key opinion leader in the field of interventional radiology and has received numerous foundation, industry, and federal grants for his research. 

Interventional Radiology.

Board Certification:
Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology.

University of Pennsylvania
Boston University School of Medicine
University of California San Francisco
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine/Management

Radiology Society of North America
American Society of Oncology
American Association for Cancer Research
Society of Interventional Radiology
Society of Interventional Oncology
International Liver Cancer Association.

The Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award, Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
Merit Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology
Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award Who’s Who
Boston University School of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Honorary Lecture, European Congress of Radiology
University of California San Francisco Radiology Alumni Award

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