Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Massachusetts

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Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Massachusetts

If you’re over 40  and feel pain in your legs, thighs, calves, or buttocks after minor physical activity, aging might not be the cause of your symptoms — it could be something more serious. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) results from fats, cholesterol, and other deposits that cause buildup on the walls of your arteries. 

You are at greater risk for developing PAD if you smoke, have diabetes, a family history of vascular disease, or either high blood pressure or cholesterol. . Only a vascular specialist can give you a conclusive diagnosis, but it’s critical to know that PAD can lead to life-threatening consequences if left untreated.

The buildup in your arteries can restrict or even stop the flow of blood to the extremities causing a range of symptoms. You could experience:

  • Pain felt in the thighs, calves, buttocks, or feet
  • Coolness felt in one leg compared to the other
  • Slow or non-healing wounds on the legs or ankles
  • Leg restlessness felt especially at night
  • Poor toenail or leg hair growth
  • Pain stops when at rest
  • Leg muscle fatigue or weakness
  • Difficulty walking or climbing stairs

Many people with PAD don’t know they have it because symptoms may not appear until the disease has progressed to dangerous levels. If PAD isn’t treated before extensive damage occurs, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, gangrene, or worse.  

If you experience PAD symptoms , reach out to our expert doctors  to assess your risk level. Our Massachusetts PAD specialists will diagnose your condition and prescribe a personalized PAD treatment that can  relieve your symptoms and improve the quality of your life. .  

Minimally Invasive PAD Treatment in Massachusetts

Our vascular specialists use the latest non-surgical PAD treatments to help you get back on your feet and regain your independence. 

In the past, peripheral artery disease treatments often included surgery, hospital stays, and lengthy recovery times. Our non-surgical  PAD treatments are performed without general anesthesia or stitches, shortening your recovery so you can get back to enjoying your life. . Also, our outpatient procedures usually take about two hours or less, giving you the flexibility to come in when it’s best for your schedule. . 

We offer  advanced  and effective vascular disease treatments, including:

  • Angioplasty
  • Atherectomy
  • Stent Placement

If you live in Massachusetts and need a PAD diagnosis or treatment, we invite you to talk with one of our compassionate and experienced  vascular specialists.

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Discover how to improve your  vascular health care by meeting with one of our highly-recommended vascular doctors . We aim to provide  vascular treatments that can transform  your life. 

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Timely detection and treatment of PAD can improve the quality of your life; help you keep your independence and mobility; and reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, leg amputation, and even death.

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