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PAD Treatment in Kent, WA



USA Vascular Centers
26124 Pacific Hwy S
Kent, WA 98032

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in Kent, WA

Smoking, obesity, and other health risks can lead to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), which affects one in 20 Americans over the age of 50. Activity typically triggers PAD symptoms, such as leg pain, muscle aches, and fatigue. Besides pain and limited mobility, PAD can also contribute to the risk of a heart attack and stroke, especially in people with diabetes or high blood pressure.

Our Kent PAD treatments can reduce symptoms and minimize the pain, but to stop the progression of PAD and its related risks, early detection is critical. A Kent vascular specialist will diagnose you and create a customized PAD treatment plan for your condition. Together, we can make your daily activities and weekend outings at Lake Fenwick Park more comfortable.

Minimally Invasive Kent PAD Treatments

If you are living with PAD near Kent, you can get the latest minimally invasive PAD treatments that don’t require overnight stays. Our convenient treatment sessions only take a couple of hours and you won’t need stitches or general anesthesia.

Our experienced Kent vascular specialists are qualified to perform professional diagnosis and effective treatments, including:

  • Angioplasty
  • Stent Placement
  • Atherectomy

Looking for a Kent PAD Treatment Specialist?

When you’re ready to get your PAD symptoms under control, rely on our Kent vascular specialists for expert guidance. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about your vascular health care in Kent. You can even stop by our Kent PAD treatment center to see how our AAAHC accredited vascular treatments can give you the relief you deserve.

How to Get to the Kent, WA, USA Vascular Location

Our Kent PAD treatment center is at 26124 Pacific Highway South, Kent, WA, near I-5 North and Saltwater State Park.

Nearby Areas We Serve:

  • Federal Way
  • Covington
  • Tacoma
  • Renton
  • Normandy Park

PAD Treatment Center Near Federal Way: The Kent PAD center is just over 3 miles from Federal Way, a 9-minute drive via Highway 99 North and Pacific Highway South.

PAD Treatment Center Near Covington: We are only 10 miles from Covington, about a 25-minute drive via WA-516 West and South 277th Street.

PAD Treatment Center Near Tacoma: Our PAD center is about 16 miles from Tacoma, an easy 20-minute drive via I-5 North.

PAD Treatment Center Near Renton: The center is about 11 miles from Renton, a 24-minute drive via WA-167 South. 

PAD Treatment Center Near Normandy Park: Normandy Park is about 6 miles from the center, a 15-minute drive via WA-509 South.

Book Your Kent, WA, Vascular Treatment Today

Let us help stop the advancement of your PAD and get you back to a more active lifestyle. Talk with a Kent vascular specialist and take control of your health by booking an online appointment or call (206) 641-9199 today to get started.

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USA Vascular Centers
26124 Pacific Hwy S
Kent, WA 98032


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