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Is It Possible to Reverse Peripheral Artery Disease Naturally

Is It Possible to Reverse Peripheral Artery Disease Naturally

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is  a serious condition that occurs when there is too much plaque in the arteries that feed the leg muscles. This condition is fairly common, however treatment is required to find relief. There are some things you can avoid to decrease your risk for developing PAD, but these methods should not be used in place of treatment.

You can try some home remedies for reversing peripheral artery disease naturally. These include:[5]

  • Eat less food with saturated fats or cholesterol, such as beef, pork, poultry, etc. 
  • Stay away from trans-fats
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans and lean meals 
  • Limit sodium intake, too much sodium can increase your blood pressure
  • Limit alcohol intake as it can increase blood pressure
  • Increase the consumption of whole grains fiber 
  • Use cream or lotion to keep your feet from getting dry 

Do interval walking

Walking in intervals is a great way to promote good blood circulation. Walk for 30 minutes each day and try to increase your walking distance before taking a break. While this type of training could be painful, the goal is to improve your tolerance and decrease your risk factors for PAD disease, such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Another good option is to work with a physical therapist in a walking program.

Lifestyle changes 

Quitting smoking, eating a heart-healthy diet and getting regular exercise can help in lowering your risk for PAD disease. Aerobic exercise can burn your body fat, raise good HDL, and lower blood pressure and sugar levels. 

Lifestyle changes and medications for better results 

A buildup of arterial plaque is most commonly a result of a high amount of bad or LDL cholesterol. Your doctor may prescribe you a medication to help manage your cholesterol levels. Aim to lose any extra weight as this will help to lower your cholesterol. Medical treatment along with lifestyle and dietary changes can help in reducing the risk of PAD disease. 

Natural Treatment Not Recommended for PAD

However, reversing peripheral artery disease naturally is not recommended, and in some cases can cause more harm than good. Any relief achieved from natural treatment methods is usually temporary and you are likely to see a recurrence of symptoms.  Most cases of PAD require medical treatment to achieve permanent symptom-relief. If you continue to experience PAD symptoms like pain and discomfort in your legs, or ulcers in your feet that do not easily heal, you should consider a medical procedure. 

Due to recent developments in medical technology, there is now a minimally-invasive treatment procedure for PAD. This treatment procedure can be done in an outpatient setting and is eligible for insurance coverage from most providers. If you have any questions about our treatment for PAD, or would like to schedule an appointment, just give us a call.

Telemedicine Service for PAD Relief

Due to the current situation with stay-at-home orders, we realize many people are unable to leave their homes for anything unessential. However, we want to stress to anyone suffering from PAD symptoms not to avoid or delay treatment. PAD is a progressive condition, meaning that it has the potential to get worse over time. In order to avoid any serious complications from developing, you should consult with a vascular specialist about your treatment options.

In an effort to continue providing necessary care to people with PAD, we now offer consultations through telemedicine. This means that you can virtually meet with one of our vascular specialists to discuss all of your PAD concerns. Depending on the state of your condition, they may recommend some at home remedies before coming in for a treatment procedure.

If you want to know if the Vascular center closest to you is still available for treatment procedure appointments, just give us a call at 888-773-2193. We have offices all over the USA including Washington, California, New York and Illinois. 

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