Take our PAD Risk Assessment now: TAKE THE QUIZ

Take our PAD Risk Assessment now: TAKE THE QUIZ

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, also known as an online health consultation, is just like your normal doctor’s appointment, however in this case it occurs completely online, through phone/video chat. This allows you to have access to quality vascular care from the comfort of your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Doctor Visit?

At USA Vascular Centers, we are truly dedicated to providing effective solutions for people suffering from the painful symptoms caused by peripheral artery disease (PAD). We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to let their symptoms impact their quality of life. Our virtual doctor visits are an easy and simple way to consult with a vascular specialist for all your PAD concerns. The benefits of scheduling an online health consultation include:

We know you may not always have the time to make it in for an appointment. Our online health consultations allow you to consult with our vascular experts, on your own schedule, from the safety and convenience of your home. That means you get to avoid wait times and get in touch with a specialist when you’re ready.

Covered by Insurance:
These virtual doctor sessions are covered by most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. You can meet with a specialist on your own time and receive expert care and advice for managing your PAD symptoms.

Same Quality as an Office Visit:
If you have PAD, you don’t have to sit at home suffering in pain. When you schedule a virtual doctor visit with us, you can expect quality, compassionate care as an in-person office visit. Our specialists have decades of combined experience treating peripheral artery disease (PAD) through the use of minimally-invasive treatment.

When you schedule an online health consultation with one of our specialists, they will observe your symptoms with the same high patient-care standards as a normal appointment at the clinic. They will then make a treatment recommendation based on your condition and address any concerns you may have.

Online Health Consultations

Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Unfortunately, PAD symptoms can become very painful. Some patients experience discomfort, while others experience pain that doesn’t go away in their legs and feet. For men with PAD, it’s also common to experience even more serious conditions like erectile dysfunction.

The most common symptom of PAD is claudication, or muscle pain that begins with activity and goes away when at rest. This symptom can occur slowly over time causing many people to ignore or dismiss it as a normal part of the aging process.

Other symptoms of PAD may include:

  • Pain and cramps at night
  • Burning sensation in leg and feet muscles
  • Numbness in the legs while sitting
  • Pain when walling
  • Dark, bruise-like colors on your legs and feet
  • Painful and persistent sores on your legs and feet
  • Leg pain that continues after exercising
  • Foot wounds that don’t heal

Why You Shouldn’t Delay PAD Treatment

Thanks to the development of highly innovative medical technologies, diagnosis for PAD is as easy as taking your blood pressure. After diagnosis, depending on the state of your condition, your specialist may recommend some lifestyle changes. For example, smoking is one of the leading causes of PAD and we recommend quitting to help you prevent PAD complications and to benefit your overall health.

We focus on using minimally-invasive treatment for severe cases of PAD through the use of stent angioplasty. Procedures such as stent angioplasty improve by increasing the blood circulation to your legs, which as a result reduces the frequency and intensity of pain. Stent angioplasty is commonly used to restore the flow of blood to blocked arteries.

Contact Us

If you’re sitting at home with painful legs from peripheral artery disease (PAD), give us a call at 888.773.2193 to see how you can benefit from our online health consultations. Once you schedule your online visit, your treatment procedure is only one appointment away.

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