Your feet and toenails can say a lot about your health. For example, runners tend to have calluses; ladies who wore ill-fitting shoes in their youth tend to suffer from bunions later on; chipped paint on toenails indicates that a person is overdue for a pedicure. However, if you’ve noticed your toenails aren’t growing the way they should, it might be a sign of a bigger problem.

Poor toenail growth is one of many signs of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). PAD is a common, yet serious vascular condition that requires medical treatment. Blockage in the arteries can restrict circulation to the limbs, organs, and brain. Inadequate blood flow can affect blood flow to vital organs, legs, arms, feet, and your brain. Fatty deposits also increase the risk for vascular inflammation and blood clots that can block the blood supply and cause tissue death. Arterial blockages affect the entire cardiovascular system. If there is plaque in the arteries in one part of the body, it may be in other areas as well.

Poor Circulation and Nail Growth

If you have PAD, or are in the early stages of developing PAD, you likely have issues with circulation.  When blood cannot flow throughout the body properly, it sometimes has a hard time reaching the extremities. This is why your finger tips and toes are the first to get cold when outside in winter weather. For people with PAD, the poor circulation can affect nail growth. The lack of oxygen and nutrients to the nails can cause them to grow very slowly, or stop growing entirely. This symptom of PAD can often go unnoticed if you don’t pay close attention to your feet.

Symptoms of PAD

There are a variety of other symptoms that can occur from PAD. These symptoms include:

  • Leg pain
  • Leg cramping
  • Numbness
  • Cold legs/feet
  • Changes in toenail color or thickness
  • Non-healing wounds on feet or legs
  • Skin discoloration on legs

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If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms you should consult with a medical professional as soon as possible. PAD is a progressive condition that can cause more dangerous complications over time if left untreated. At USA Vascular Centers, we offer a non-surgical treatment solution for people suffering with PAD. Our treatment solution is covered by most insurance plans and is conducted in our outpatient clinics, meaning you can return home after your procedure.

If you have any questions about stent angioplasty for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), give us a call at 888.773.2193 or fill out the online scheduling form to set up your consultation today.

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