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Why Your Legs are Keeping You Up at Night

Senior man with aching calf muscle

[fusion_text]Jim woke up sweating from a terrible nightmare in the middle of the night. He laid there for a few minutes trying to collect himself and come back to reality; but the pain in his legs just began to set in, and he was afraid he had an even bigger problem.

Waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night can be frightening for most people. For Jim, that groggy, blurry time was only made worse by the sharp pain and cramps in his leg. Eventually, he came to the realization that the nightmare wasn’t real, but the pain and cramps caused by his peripheral artery disease (PAD) were real and even more frightening.

PAD symptoms can be very painful, and they can often keep you up at night. In the beginning, the pain ranges from mild discomfort to pain that does not go away. Symptoms of progressed disease include impotence, burning sensations in the legs and feet, numbness in the legs while sitting, pain when walking, discolored legs and feet, loss of hair on legs, poor toenail growth, temperature inconsistency in the legs, and non-healing wounds.

Many people miss the first signs of PAD because they just think they are getting older. They think achy and tired legs are just part of old age. Oftentimes, people go years without even considering they may have a vascular disease like PAD. The worst-case scenario with PAD is when the blood supply to a limb is completely blocked, and the patient has to undergo an amputation or worse—has a heart attack.

USA Vascular Centers offers a minimally invasive, yet highly effective non-surgical treatment for PAD called stent angioplasty. During the procedure, a mesh stent wrapped around a balloon is used to widen the blocked arteries. The balloon expands and presses the stent against the walls of the arteries to open the space. The balloon then deflates, leaving behind the stent and resulting in an immediate improvement to blood flow. This treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure. The patient can resume normal activities the same day after the treatment and does not need to take time off of work.

If your PAD symptoms are waking you up at night, it’s time to see a specialist at USA Vascular Centers. A stent angioplasty procedure is much less invasive and low-risk compared to your other options.

Don’t let the nightmare become a reality. Call USA Vascular Centers at 888-628-9388 to schedule a consultation with our vascular specialists who can determine if vascular treatment is right for you. Treatments at USA Vascular Centers are covered by Medicare, most insurance plans, and Medicaid.[/fusion_text]

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