Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in New York

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Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment in New York

Whether you live in New York City, the surrounding suburbs, or the rural countryside, losing your mobility and independence can be a worrisome thought. Many people associate hardening of the arteries with heart disease and increased risk of heart attack and stroke. But the cholesterol buildup on the walls of your arteries may contribute to another issue: Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

PAD obstructs normal blood flow to your arms and legs, causing pain or cramps in your extremities during activities such as walking or climbing up stairs. Other symptoms include slow toenail or leg hair growth, changing skin color on the legs, and non-healing wounds on the feet or legs.

There are multiple risk factors for PAD, like high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, obesity, diabetes, and a history of smoking. Advanced age (50 and older) and a family history of PAD or heart disease also can raise your risk. It’s essential to visit a vascular specialist for diagnosis if you have PAD symptoms or risk factors. Not everyone will experience painful PAD symptoms; therefore, it’s crucial to consult your doctor and get tested as soon as possible.

Our New York centers provide Peripheral Artery Disease treatment necessary to halt the progression of the disease before it causes serious complications. After you contact us and schedule an appointment, one of our PAD specialists will conduct a thorough exam to determine the severity of your condition, as well as develop an effective, individualized treatment plan.  

Minimally Invasive PAD Treatment in New York

We’re proud to offer leading-edge, minimallyinvasive PAD treatments to New Yorkers who need symptom relief or have risk factors associated with the disease. These treatments take just a couple of hours, with no overnight stay required. Plus, there’s no general anesthesia involved and no troublesome stitches post-treatment, so discomfort is minimal. Utilizing non-surgical, interventional treatments like stent angioplasty allow our patients to avoid a long recovery and risks associated with surgery.

We offer these non-surgical  treatment options:

  • Angioplasty
  • Stent Placement
  • Atherectomy

These treatments can alleviate symptoms, reduce pain, improve blood circulation in your legs, and restore normalcy to your life. 

Looking for a PAD Treatment Specialist in New York? 

When you schedule an appointment at one of our New York Centers, you get the benefit of working with experienced, top-rated vascular specialists. Our medical professionals will answer all your questions and give you sound, knowledgeable guidance — you can be certain that your vascular health care is in excellent hands.

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We know people who live in the state of New York are active, motivated people. That’s why we want you to know that you don’t have to live with the inconvenience or pain of Peripheral Artery Disease. At USA Vascular Centers, we make getting diagnosed and treated as convenient as possible.

If you’re in New York, schedule an appointment with one of our vascular specialists by calling (888) 773-2193 or booking an online appointment.

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Timely detection and treatment of PAD can improve the quality of your life; help you keep your independence and mobility; and reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, leg amputation, and even death.